Application range of tarpaulin


We find that tarpaulins are widely used for various pur […]

We find that tarpaulins are widely used for various purposes, which makes the market highly diversified. To meet the needs, we manufacture different kinds of tarps to suit each specific use, the most common include the following:

As an outdoor protective layer, tarpaulins are most often used to provide protection from the elements due to their weatherproof and waterproof properties. In this case, the right tarp will depend on the conditions it has to withstand. For this reason, tarps are often divided into "regular," "heavy," and "extra heavy" options. Heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty options tend to offer better wind and water resistance and increased flexibility even in cold environments.

As advertising material, tarpaulins are also often used to advertise companies. Their resistance to outdoor elements means you can place them anywhere, making them very effective for advertising.

As a floor or surface covering, tarps are also used to cover floors or any surface. If you enjoy camping, a tarp will be a must-have item, whether as a sun/weather cover or a floor mat.

As a temporary or emergency barrier, tarps are useful in emergency situations, such as when the roof or walls of a house or institution are damaged. You can also use it as a protective barrier against dust, dirt, and paint. They are especially handy if you're renovating your home or office.

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