Applications and features of Flex Banner


FEATURES: 1. High strength and excellent flexibility 2. […]


1. High strength and excellent flexibility

2. Fast-drying ink, excellent smoothness of surface suit for high-speed printable

3. Good transmittance, Strong color performance, and support for all professional color demands

4. Ink & printer: Solvent & Eco-solvent based ink and printer

5. Very strong base fabric. smooth surface.

6. Perfect printing impression. dry quickly.

7. Excellent compatibility with various solvent-based printers.

8. Anti-aging, self-cleaning, strong weather resistance.

9. Especially suitable for applications in temperature-changing areas.


1. Large format billboards

2. Banner displays

3. Building murals and in-store displays

4. Both indoor and outdoor displays

5. Exhibition booth decoration, Flexible banner substrates and tarpaulins for outdoor advertising, industrial applications;

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