Briefly Introduce The Role And Development History Of Transparent Waterproof Tarpaulin


What is transparent waterproof tarpaulin? What is a tru […]

What is transparent waterproof tarpaulin? What is a truck tarp? Oil cloth refers to a kind of cloth composed of oil and cloth, generally obtained by immersing the fabric in oil. It is widely used in life production.
Transparent waterproof tarpaulin has a wide range of applications in daily life and production. The linoleum in daily life mainly refers to the cloth used for waterproof or moisture-proof, moisture-proof and oiled, while the linoleum in the factory mainly refers to the tarpaulin fabric, which is generally used for transportation to prevent abrasion during transportation, or heavy-duty mechanical equipment. Such as the buffer lubricating layer of mechanical components such as aircraft landing gear, etc., it is generally discarded at one time.

However, no matter what kind of tarp, it is easy to catch fire, is a dangerous item with extremely high flammability, and is an important hidden danger to fire safety. Famous tarp fire incidents include the fire at the Queensboro Bridge in New York and the fire at the Shanghai Luojing Port cargo ship.
The fire kang used for rest and heating in northern rural areas is often covered with a layer of household transparent waterproof tarpaulin on the upper layer of wool felt, which generally has exquisite patterns. Features are: waterproof, heat-resistant, easy to clean, beautiful and generous.
In recent years, in rural areas, transparent waterproof tarpaulin, a traditional Kang surface material, has been gradually replaced by modern plastic floor leather due to its relatively high price. However, the floor leather has poor heat resistance, is easy to crack, has a big peculiar smell, and has a short service life. Traditional tarpaulin should pay attention to changing the production and processing technology to adapt to the requirements of the times. I believe that its development space is still huge.

The earliest transparent waterproof tarpaulin in China is made of cotton cloth, and then a layer of cooked tung oil is applied to the cotton cloth. The cooked tung oil can dry quickly and prevent rain. If the cloth is just a layer of paper, it will definitely not be able to withstand any wind and rain, and can only be used as an ornament in the home. And our oiled paper umbrella is brushed with ripe tung oil twice on the umbrella surface paper, the first time the cooked tung oil completely penetrates into the paper, and it is integrated with the umbrella surface tissue paper, which plays a role in deep maintenance and strengthens the tissue paper. Tensile strength and toughness; because the cooked tung oil in the first pass has saturated the tissue paper, the cooked tung oil in the second pass only stays on the surface. After drying, it conjunctiva and forms a protective layer. The oil and water do not blend together. As soon as rainwater touched this protective layer formed by cooked tung oil, it immediately fell off. In other words, rainwater can't come into contact with the umbrella paper at all, so oiled paper umbrellas painted with cooked tung oil will not break when exposed to rain.

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