Characteristics and types of tarpaulins


Tarpaulins are usually made of waterproof and sturdy ma […]

Tarpaulins are usually made of waterproof and sturdy materials. They provide the perfect covering against severe weather conditions, dirt and debris, and have many uses. The cut size and finish size, strength, thickness, and color of tarpaulins vary.

There are basically five kinds of materials commonly used to make waterproof cloth: polyethylene, canvas, vinyl, silicone nylon, and mesh. Polyethylene tarpaulin or polyethylene tarpaulin is not a real fabric, but a laminated woven sheet. This material is actually a polyethylene plastic woven tape bonded to the surface of the polyethylene sheet.

If you want a tarpaulin, please choose a polyethylene tarpaulin: stretch-resistant, waterproof, UV-treated, and durable, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

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