Choose a protective tarpaulin with UV protection


UV tarpaulins are lightweight, moisture resistant and r […]

UV tarpaulins are lightweight, moisture resistant and relatively inexpensive. They consist of cross-braided threads of polyethylene, polypropylene or other polyolefin plastics. Products with more cross-braids per square inch provide greater strength and durability.

UV tarpaulins have many uses in both industrial and residential settings. Choosing a tarp that's treated with UV protection can help you protect your investment from sun damage, whether it's agricultural equipment or truck loads.

Poly tarps with UV protection also have a longer lifespan because they are not degraded by strong sun rays. When it comes to protecting your tarp and your property from sunlight damage, UV tarps are perfect for your specific application.

UV-treated UV tarpaulins can provide adequate sun protection in residential and industrial environments, and selecting a tarpaulin requires analyzing the specifications that are important to the application. Properties include water resistance, strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and various properties.

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