Choose a waterproof cloth with UV protection


We all know that sunlight has an effect on our skin, wh […]

We all know that sunlight has an effect on our skin, which can cause redness, burning, tanning, and even long-term and serious health problems. But it's not just our skin that is susceptible to ultraviolet radiation from the sun's rays. Plastics and even protective tarpaulins can be affected by UV radiation.

Long-term exposure to or a large amount of ultraviolet light will cause the tarp to not only lose its color, but also adversely affect the service life of the tarp. Choosing a tarp that has been treated with UV protection can help you protect your investment, whether it is agricultural equipment or truck loading, from sun damage. Polyethylene tarpaulins with UV protection function also have a longer service life because they will not be degraded by strong sun rays.

When protecting your tarps and property from sunlight, polyethylene tarps are perfect for your specific application. Whether you are making awnings to protect your crew and your products from the sun during outdoor festivals, or setting up temporary tents during outdoor camping, polyethylene tarpaulins provide excellent sun protection and UV protection. By choosing a UV-treated tarp, you choose a quality product with a long life and the best sun protection.

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