Classification and characteristics of Light Box Cloth


Light box cloth is a light box signature fabric compose […]

Light box cloth is a light box signature fabric composed of two layers of PVC and a layer of high-strength mesh cloth, also called Polaroid. There are two types of internal lighting and external lighting. Its main production methods include knife coating method, calendering method, and bonding method (melting method).

The light box cloth we often say is just ordinary light box cloth. Light box cloth, with the slow development of technology, has gradually developed into two categories. That is, ordinary light box cloth (i.e. light box cloth commonly referred to as light box cloth) and reflective light box cloth (i.e. crystal color lattice).

Crystal color lattice is a new type of spray-paintable reflective advertising material. The characteristics of this new type of material are:

  1. Super reflective intensity: Based on microprism retro-reflection technology, the reflective intensity reaches 300cd/lx/m2.
  2. It can be directly sprayed: the surface layer is PVC polymer material, which has strong ink absorption and can be directly sprayed.
  3. Easy to use: the substrate types include fiber synthetic cloth and PVC calendered film. The fiber synthetic cloth base has super tensile strength, which can be used like ordinary fiber synthetic inkjet cloth, directly sprayed, and directly tightened for installation; PVC The calendered film can be directly pasted on any smooth fabric after being coated with self-adhesive.

The quality identification points of light box cloth: thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light transmission, flame retardancy, peeling degree, flatness, such as ink absorption, color reproduction, etc. for inkjet printing.

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