Difference Between Vinyl and Flexible Materials


Vinyl banner printing has grown in popularity over the […]

Vinyl banner printing has grown in popularity over the years because you can now print on vinyl using color. One of the benefits of using vinyl is that you can make large, high-resolution prints. Vinyl can be used on different surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, etc. While they are suitable for smooth surfaces, some can be adhered to textured surfaces like concrete using special glues.

Unlike vinyl, Flex is softer and more flexible. Flex materials are printed and recolored using a dedicated printer. Industrial printers operate like any other inkjet mechanism, but these printers are specifically designed to handle flexible materials. Vinyl and flex may be similar, but they are generally used for different purposes and use different materials.

The flexible material is attached to the final product by heat in a press that bonds the material to the surface. Other flexographic applications include point-of-purchase signage, custom office signage, trade show displays, retail store signage, and real estate signage. The type of material and print media you use is entirely up to you, it all depends on your pockets and how you want to run your marketing campaign.

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