How to prevent yellowing of inkjet cloth?


Our inkjet cloths are specially coated to accept ink. T […]

Our inkjet cloths are specially coated to accept ink. The liquid is translucent, but if exposed to direct sunlight or UV light for extended periods of time, the coating can turn yellow, causing the fabric pieces to look more yellow than their original pale cream color.

It may turn yellow if you unpack it and leave it for a few months. This phenomenon occurs not only with our fabrics but also with other inkjet-treated fabrics. Printability and water resistance will remain the same even if the base fabric color changes.

If you notice wrinkles, iron on medium-low heat. A hot iron can cause some printer inks to look cloudy, so don't use a hot iron. You don't need to heat-set your prints, just iron them to smooth out wrinkles. Use a press cloth between the iron and the printed surface.

Do not place your prints in direct sunlight. The color fastness of the image depends on the color fastness of the printer ink. All fabrics will fade in direct sunlight.

To prevent yellowing problems with inkjet cloths, we recommend that you store your sheets away from direct sunlight or UV light sources. After opening the package, seal it again. Don't let it open. Since storing fabrics in hot and humid places can also affect color, try to keep the packaging away from high humidity and heat.

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