How to store inkjet cloth


The pigment ink remains on the surface of the inkjet cl […]

The pigment ink remains on the surface of the inkjet cloth. They will provide you with very good printouts and are very suitable for use if the prints are not cleaned. If you need to clean pigment-based ink prints, please clean them very gently to avoid abrading the ink on the surface of the fabric. Abrasion will cause the surface ink to "burst" slightly. Dye inks are more suitable for the parts you want to clean. The ink sinks into the fabric and will not wear out when rolled.

If the fabric does not pass through the printer smoothly, we recommend that you clean the print roller according to the printer manufacturer's instructions. When the rollers pick up paper or fabric lint, they may eventually fail to pick up some media. If you open the package and leave it for a few months, it may turn yellow. This phenomenon not only occurs on our fabrics, but also on other inkjet treated fabrics. Even if the color of the base fabric changes, its printability and water resistance will remain unchanged.

Store the inkjet cloth away from any direct sunlight or ultraviolet light sources. After opening the package, reseal it. Don't let it open. Keep the packaging away from high humidity and temperature. Understand that "heat setting" is not required. This is not a photo transfer. If you iron it directly with an iron that is too hot, the inkjet ink will "scorch." Steam will add water and may cause bleeding. So be careful when ironing: If you have to iron printed fabrics to smooth out wrinkles, use a cold iron, iron from the back, do not use steam, and place a press cloth between the printed fabric and the fabric.

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