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Outdoor inkjet materials ⒈ Outdoor exterior light cloth […]

Outdoor inkjet materials
⒈ Outdoor exterior light cloth (we see large-scale outdoor spray painting, this type of light sprays from the outside to the spray cloth.)
⒉ Outdoor interior light cloth (we see the spray painting on the outdoor signboard, this kind of light is sprayed outside the light box.)
⒊Car body stickers (used for printing on the car body, this type of printing has good adhesion and resistance to sunlight)
⒋advertisement cloth (used for more romantic and elegant display occasions, but this type can be used outdoors)
⒌Grid cloth (net-like inkjet material, a material used for guests’ special performance techniques to reflect style)
⒍Crystal color grid (divided into glued crystal color grid and bucky crystal color grid, light box advertisement, large advertisement, lamp post and other applications. This kind of light source does not need to be installed, only the light when the external vehicle passes by is sufficient . Belongs to outdoor inkjet printing supplies.)
7. Inkjet reflective film (light box advertising, large-scale advertising. This type of light does not need to be installed, only the vehicle light can produce reflection.)
How to correctly understand outdoor inkjet cloth?
Inkjet companies use outdoor inkjet cloth every day and are very familiar with outdoor inkjet cloth. It should be said that they have a certain understanding of this. However, in actual communication, we found that many inkjet companies don't know much about inkjet cloth, and even have many misunderstandings. They generally believe that: 1. The inkjet cloth production technology is already very advanced, the ink is very stable, there is absolutely no problem in using it, and it will never cause clogging, color difference, etc. 2. The machine is equipped with a micron filter, the large particles and impurities in the ink can not enter the nozzle, so there will be no problem.
Haining Taiwei New Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various PVC light box films, inkjet cloth covering films and other calendered films. It focuses on the production and processing of advertising raw materials and products, and its strength has been recognized by the industry. The main products include wholesale tarpaulin, uv protection tarpaulin, transparent waterproof tarpaulin, advertisement cloth, exterior lighting cloth, interior lighting cloth, inkjet cloth, double-sided spraying, PET, mesh cloth.

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