Please Pay Attention To These Three Factors To Keep The Color Of The Advertising Cloth Longer


The rich and colorful advertising content and images, p […]

The rich and colorful advertising content and images, perfect expression, coupled with the designer's unique and wonderful ideas and the theme meaning of outdoor advertising, are beautiful and personalized scenery in life. In order to display outdoor advertising pictures in an outdoor environment, in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, different outdoor display forms, different climates, sunlight, rain, wind, sand, dust, and other factors, how to keep outdoors The color of the advertisement cloth do not change? How about faded durable ads? The following factors are worthy of attention for advertisers.

  1. Use high-performance photo printer inkjet printing equipment and ink with good outdoor compatibility

For the production of screens for inkjet printing of advertisements, piezoelectric photo printers are the best inkjet printing equipment. Nowadays, large-format inkjet printing equipment is developing very rapidly, and the technology is changing with each passing day. A variety of multi-functional and multi-functional high-performance photo printers have also been continuously introduced to the market. Using a high-performance outdoor photo printer for inkjet printing, you can quickly and smoothly complete large-format advertising inkjet painting. At the same time, it can ensure better screen color printing, higher color reproducibility, and better outdoor media and ink compatibility.

  1. Choose high-quality outdoor photo printer printing media materials

Correctly choose high-quality outdoor photo printer printing media. For example, when using outdoor inkjet cloth, please choose an inkjet cloth that matches the ink and has good stretching properties. If the strength of the silk of the inkjet cloth is insufficient and the knitted structure is poor, or under the combined action of other external factors, the outer surface of the fabric may also be damaged, torn, or deformed. The inkjet color on the inkjet cloth may also be easily peeled off from the base cloth, and the color of the outdoor inkjet advertising picture cannot be kept lasting.

  1. Pay attention to the influence of different outdoor environments and natural factors on the color of advertising pictures

Sunlight and rain can easily damage beautiful inkjet products. How to make beautiful inkjet products not easily damaged by the sun and rain? Attention should be paid to prevent temperature differences, ultraviolet rays, rain sand, dust, and environmental pollution, and prevent artificial graffiti and damage. These factors, we are paying attention to protecting outdoor advertising display. For example, in the operation to prevent temperature differences, if the image is too long in an air temperature environment of 100°C or 0°C, special attention should be paid to handling. If the temperature is too low, the image will crack, and if the temperature is too high, it will cause the film to peel off or become soft, making the image unclear. In anti-ultraviolet and rainwater operations, lamination or lamination can be used.

The color of the sprayed surface is durable. It should be based on protection. High-performance photo printers and high-quality outdoor inks can be used to provide preconditions for the color of outdoor advertising images.

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