Professional Flex Banner Manufacturers


① flex banner is a high-grade new environmental protect […]

① flex banner is a high-grade new environmental protection material. It has a flexible texture and rich colors, and can be stretched and shaped at will. It completely breaks through the limitations of traditional light boxes in terms of shape, color, and small piece assembly. 
② There are 8 kinds of series: smooth surface, satin surface, translucent surface, basic film, suede surface, metal surface, punching surface, painted film, fine printing film, etc. There are hundreds of colors and various types to choose from, suitable for the requirements of various places. 
③ The range of use can be said to be very wide. Whether it is in shopping malls, airports, subway stations and other public places, it will be associated with our lives. It is a good quality and beautiful light box type.

The material used for making flex banner will be related to the performance of the light box. Different brands may adopt different materials. The material used in the flex banner type light box can be said to be much better than the general quality, so the light box is not easy Deformation and damage, but also has good waterproof performance characteristics, is a good type of light box cloth.

Our company is a professional flex banner manufacturers. The main products include flex banner, exterior lighting cloth, interior lighting cloth, double-sided spraying, PET, mesh and tarpaulin.
The company has advanced production technology and a professional production team, with an annual output of 45 million square meters. At present, more than 98% of the products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, and are well received by customers.

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