Quality characteristics of light box cloth and classification


1. Light box cloth material Light box cloth is a lightb […]

1. Light box cloth material

Light box cloth is a lightbox signature fabric composed of two layers of PVC and a layer of high-strength mesh cloth, also called Polaroid. There are two types of internal lighting and external lighting.

2. the classification of light box cloth.

In fact, the light box cloth we often say is just an ordinary light box cloth. Light box cloth, with the slow development of technology, has gradually developed into two categories. That is ordinary light box cloth (i.e. light box cloth commonly referred to as light box cloth) and reflective light box cloth (i.e. crystal color lattice).

3. Quality identification of light box cloth.

The quality identification points of light box cloth: thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light transmission, flame retardancy, peeling degree, and flatness, such as ink absorption, color reproduction, etc. for inkjet printing.

Light box cloth is used for indoor and outdoor light boxes, and it is an essential light box production material for advertising companies. The cloth is composed of an inkjet ink adsorption layer, anti-ultraviolet milky white layer, anti-mildew layer, and fiber layer, with a thickness of 19-23 mil. Water seepage, etc.

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