Structure and advantages of Uv Protection Tarpaulin


The tarpaulin is rolled on the reel and placed in the a […]

The tarpaulin is rolled on the reel and placed in the awning cover, the tarpaulin is unfolded straight, the angle and area can be changed, and it is controlled by infrared remote control. The tarpaulin is made of anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet material, which is easy to retract, saves time and effort by electrical control, is safe and reliable, has adjustable width, no driving, no accumulation of rain, no accumulation of dust, no rain leakage, clean and hygienic, and good ventilation. , UV protection, and other advantages. It can be widely used in doors, windows, and balconies of various houses. Tarpaulins can be advertised. Can be used day and night instead of curtains. Full coverage to block external glare and prying eyes.

The tarpaulin is easy to take and put away, electrical control, time-saving, labor-saving, safe and reliable; the tarpaulin shade forms an inclined plane, no rain, no dust accumulation, clean and hygienic, the width can be adjusted arbitrarily, the air is circulated, and it is not easy to drive; Ultraviolet tarpaulin material is conducive to the shielding of ultraviolet rays.

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