Suggestions for Fixing Durable Tarpaulin


1.EYELETS. Most common of course is to use the eyelets […]

1.EYELETS. Most common of course is to use the eyelets that are supplied already in the hem of the durable tarpaulin. The downside of this is that the area of sheet is so large compared with the small area holding it that these then pull out of the sheet. This is more common in the cheaper lighter materials but can also happen in large more expensive sheets. At allplas, when we make a tarp we put twice as many eyelets in ours than any other supplier. We space ours at a maximum of 1/2 metre and use solid brass so they don’t rust or corrode.

2.BATTENING. Better than eyelets, especially when using your tarp to waterproof a roof, Battening around all the edges will give you a much better result. The reason this works so well is that you effectively stop any air getting under the sheet, this in turn stops the flapping that rips around the eyelets. Battening acts by clamping the sheet down the entire length of the batten not just where the nail or screw is positioned.

3.A very popular alternative method allplas also offer is a polehem, We turn the sheet over at the edge effectively leaving a sleeve for a pole to be inserted. Before you insert the tube, select where you want to attach your anchor (Rope,Bungee,Ratchet Strap etc.) and simply cut a “U” shape out of the hem to allow that fixing to pass round the inserted pole. This is then capable of huge loads and tension as the effect from the anchor is applied along the entire length of the pole.

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