The development advantages of light box film


With the progress of society and the rapid development […]

With the progress of society and the rapid development of the advertising industry, it is bound to put forward higher requirements for advertising media. In recent years, the PVC lightbox film has been developed, and its appearance has broken through the restricted area where lightboxes can only be made of hard materials.

The light spread of PVC lightbox film is very good, so it is not only suitable for making lightboxes, but also for making lamps or architectural models with lighting effects, and for simple rear projection. In addition to this, the film is ideal for making signs, displays, packaging containers, covers, and more.

The material can be printed using special coatings for UV offset printing. It can be folded, slotted, slotted, punched, and cut with a blade or scissors. To protect the film from electrostatic charges that attract dust and dirt, the surface can be treated with an antistatic spray or an antistatic plastic cleaner.

The advantages of PVC lightbox film are: making light boxes, bright and eye-catching colors, long service life, convenient transportation, and safe use. Not only can light-transmitting sticky notes be pasted on the lightbox, but also thermal transfer printing, super hot stamping, computer photo processing, etc., can not only form exquisite text, but also present exquisite pictures.

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