The difference between light box cloth and photo cloth


The light box cloth is composed of PVC material and mes […]

The light box cloth is composed of PVC material and mesh-shaped light guide fiber. It has certain flexibility, uniform light transmittance, which is conducive to dividing, splicing, consignment, and simple outdoor installation. It is especially suitable for color UV spray painting.

Photo cloth is a relatively traditional cloth material. Because of its relatively low price, the production cost is comparable to that of PP material and cold lamination film, and a series of film-passing processes can be saved. Now it has been used in many fields. Use photo cloth instead of traditional consumables to make paintings or background pictures.

The photo cloth has a certain waterproof performance, and the pigment ink has better waterproof performance and weather resistance. Because the cloth materials have good ink absorption performance, the pictures produced are bright in color, good in saturation, and have a certain artistic effect. . With the continuous development of printing equipment, there are more solvent-based photo cloths on the market.

According to different application occasions, photo cloth can be divided into two types, indoor photo and outdoor photo.

Indoor photos are suitable for high-precision and high-definition photos: photos, light films, posters, exhibition boards, POP paintings, etc. Since they are painted with water-based inks, photos have a fatal weakness, that is, they cannot be exposed to sunlight, otherwise they will fade easily. If it touches water, the painting will also be destroyed. In order to overcome its weakness of being afraid of water, we should cover a layer of bright film or sub-film on the photo screen.

The outdoor photo is painted with oil-based ink, which is not fading, waterproof, sunscreen, UV-resistant, and has high picture accuracy, but the price is several times that of the indoor photo. Photo cloth is mainly used for the production of indoor banners, banners, cloth curtains, X display racks, roll-ups, commercial and civil interior decoration, exhibitions, art photos, etc.

Lightbox Cloth is a flexible, light-transmitting, dimensionally stable material with a layer of polyester scrim embedded in a uniquely formulated white vinyl layer. The light box cloth has a watermark on the back to distinguish it from other brands of flexible materials. The front surface of 3M light box cloth is flat and smooth, and its semi-gloss anti-glare SCOTCHCAL series 3630 light transmission film is similar.

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