Three factors for the long-lasting color of advertising cloth


The rich and colorful advertising content and image, pe […]

The rich and colorful advertising content and image, perfect expression, coupled with the designer's unique and wonderful creativity and the theme meaning of outdoor advertising, are beautiful and individual scenery in life. In order to display outdoor advertising pictures in an outdoor environment, in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, different outdoor display forms, different climates, sunlight, rain, wind, sand, dust, and other factors, how to keep the color of outdoor advertising cloth unchanged?

Use high-performance photo printer inkjet printing equipment and ink with good outdoor compatibility. For the production of inkjet printing screens for advertising, piezoelectric photo printers are the best inkjet printing equipment. It can ensure better screen printing colors, higher color reproducibility, and better outdoor media and ink compatibility.

Choose high-quality outdoor photo printer printing media materials. If the silk thread strength of the inkjet cloth is insufficient, the knitted structure is poor, or under the combined action of other external factors, the outer surface of the fabric may also be damaged, torn, or deformed. The inkjet color on the inkjet cloth is also easy to peel off from the base cloth, and the color of the outdoor inkjet advertising screen cannot last.

Pay attention to the influence of different outdoor environments and natural factors on the color of advertising screens. Sunlight and rain can easily damage beautiful inkjet products. We should pay attention to prevent temperature differences, ultraviolet light, rain sand, dust, and environmental pollution, and prevent man-made graffiti and vandalism.

How to keep the color of outdoor advertising cloth unchanged?

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