Types of Tarpaulins


There are many different types of tarpaulins to choose […]

There are many different types of tarpaulins to choose from, with different sizes, thicknesses, and mesh counts. Therefore, tarpaulin manufacturers like us make different types of tarpaulins for specific functions. The most popular types of tarps include:

Poly tarps-Poly is an umbrella term for polyethylene, which is used in many different forms to make tarps. Polyethylene tarps are versatile tarps that can be used for almost any purpose and is the most economical option on the market. In addition to being low-cost, they are also easy to use.

Transparent waterproof tarpaulin. Clear waterproof tarpaulin is a more durable tarpaulin that is more widely used as roof tarpaulin in the construction industry and where a heavy-duty solution is required. Other common uses are truck tarpaulins and grain mulch.

Canvas tarp. The canvas tarp is original and some would say it's the best. Canvas tarpaulins are widely used in the transportation industry as truck tarpaulins and are commonly referred to as hood tarpaulins. When breathability is required, canvas tarps play an important role.

When shopping for a tarp, you are faced with a variety of material choices. In addition to the three main fabric types mentioned above, there are other fabric options such as polypropylene, LLDPE, and LDPE that need to be considered in reinforced and non-reinforced options when choosing the right solution for the job at hand.

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