Types of tarps and help you choose


A tarpaulin or tarp is a large sheet of waterproof, str […]

A tarpaulin or tarp is a large sheet of waterproof, strong, and flexible material. Is a durable and stretchy fabric perfect for creating shelter for yourself or the elements. Different materials help make tarpaulins such as canvas, polyester and plastic. Today, low-cost tarps are made of polyethylene, and they provide durability.

Polyethylene, the most common plastic in the world, is usually a woven sheet of mesh fabric between two sheets of polyethylene. The popularity of this tarp stems from the myriad choices of colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Vinyl tarps are industrial strength and heavy duty. Vinyl is the second most used plastic in the world after polyethylene. These tarps are used for long-term protection from wind, water, tears and extreme heat or cold.

Made from natural materials, vinyl tarps are affordable and recyclable, while maintaining a durability standard that canvas or polyethylene tarps cannot. Vinyl tarps are ideal for suitcases for outdoor use because of their durability against the elements and their ease of cleaning.

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