Usage Areas of China Flex Banner


China Flex Banner, also called canvas, is a type of PVC […]

China Flex Banner, also called canvas, is a type of PVCmaterial that contains organic compound mixtures. Because it is extremely durable and lightweight, it is very convenient to be able to print on it. Flex Banner can be considered as the material of choice in many different fields thanks to its properties. Flexbanner prints are advertising works that are designed to meet the needs of experts in the field.

Flex Banner, a material commonly used in the digital printing industry, is a material that is both affordable and durable. The digital printing on this material is called Flex Banner printing.

Flex Banner printing is preferred in many different fields. It is possible to come across these applications in almost every sector. Especially usage areas of it;

Banner and banner printing for promotional or advertising purposes
Wall covering or decoration works
Totem printing type
Flex Banner digital printing used in facade and building stretching
Illuminated sign canvas printing
It is a material which is very widely used as exhibition stand printing.
In addition, it is widely used in areas such as many different signage, Ataturk posters, stage printing.

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