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  • Materials for making tarpaulins

    Tarpaulins are usually made of waterproof and sturdy materials, and are the perfect covering against severe weather conditions, dirt and debris. It has many uses. There are basically five kinds of mat...

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  • What is Flex Banner?

    Flex Banner, also known as canvas, is a PVC material that contains a mixture of organic compounds. Because it is very durable and lightweight, it is very convenient to be able to print on it. Due to i...

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  • Choose a waterproof cloth with UV protection

    We all know that sunlight has an effect on our skin, which can cause redness, burning, tanning, and even long-term and serious health problems. But it's not just our skin that is susceptible to ultrav...

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  • Advantages of PVC light box film

    As the main element of lightbox advertising, PVC light box film cannot be underestimated. The lightbox cloth is basically produced by domestic manufacturers, and its market share in China has exceeded...

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  • How to store inkjet cloth

    The pigment ink remains on the surface of the inkjet cloth. They will provide you with very good printouts and are very suitable for use if the prints are not cleaned. If you need to clean pigment-bas...

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  • Characteristics of PVC film

    PVC light box film is a unique polyvinyl chloride material and must not contain cadmium. Its fire rating is B1. Divided into one or multiple times, completed by high-frequency welding. It is produced ...

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