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  • Inkjet Fabric Sheets – Tips for Using

    Printer ink types Some printers use dye-based inks; others use pigment-based inks. Pigment-based inks stay on the surface of the fabric. They will give you a very good printout and are perfect to use ...

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  • Is the tarp resistant to UV rays?

    You often hear about UV protection, especially in warmer months. It is these rays that cause damage to the skin of humans and other organisms by penetrating and burning the outer layer and damaging ot...

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  • Tarpaulin buying guide

    Are you interested in waterproof tarpaulins? Are you planning to protect your essentials from climate change? Then this article is for you. If you want to get obsessed with buying the best tarps, you ...

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  • Suggestions for Fixing Durable Tarpaulin

    1.EYELETS. Most common of course is to use the eyelets that are supplied already in the hem of the durable tarpaulin. The downside of this is that the area of sheet is so large compared with the small...

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  • What Is Durable Tarpaulin

    1. Introduction durable tarpaulin, also known as tarpaulin, rain cloth, thatch cloth, is based on high-strength polyester canvas, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin, and coated with a sp...

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  • What Is The Main Material Of Light Box Cloth?

    What is the main material of light box cloth? Lightbox cloth is mainly used for lightbox inkjet, and inkjet cloth is a kind of textile material sprayed with a special coating that can be used for inkj...

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